Effects of SNPs CAPN316 and CAST282 on quantitative characteristics of offspring produced by dairy and beef bulls

  • S. Yu. Ruban
  • N. G. Lysenko
  • L. V. Mitioglo
  • I. V. Goraichuk
  • A. I. Kolesnyk
  • A. M. Fedota


Aim. The aim of the study was to analyze effects of SNPs CAPN316 in CAST282 in calpain and calpastatin genes on offspring productive traits produced by dairy and beef bulls. Methods. Data on offspring productivity included milk performance traits (for dairy bulls), birth weight and average daily gain (for beef bulls). Molecular genetic analysis was performed by PCR-RFLP. χ²-, t-tests and Pearson correlation coefficient were used for statistical analysis at significance levels of 0.05. Results. In progeny of dairy bulls number of alleles C in both SNPs demonstrated negative correlation with milk yield (r=-0.577), fat yield (r=-0.794) and protein yield (r =-0.798). G allele of CAPN316 (“wild type”) was associated with increased number of beef bulls progeny. Body weight and average daily gain was better in GG-bulls offspring. Conclusions. C alleles of SNPs CAPN316 in CAST282 being associated with meat quality traits were found to be ineffective in selection for milk production traits.

Keywords: calpain and calpastatin genes, SNP, CAPN316, CAST282, bull’s genotype, evaluation on progeny, offspring productivity.


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