Визначення ліній Drosophіla melanogaster, репортерна система яких чутлива до низьких доз мутагену

Я. С. Ясінський, Л. В. Омельянчук, О. В. Жук, І. А. Козерецька


Aim. There are many methods of assessment of mutagens, but the effects of low-dose mutagens have been overlooked. In this study we try to select lines of Drosophila melanogaster with high-sensitive to mutagen reporter gene. We used D. melanogaster lines with enhancer trap P {lacW} which produces beta-galactosidase gene in response to activation induced reparation. Methods. Ionizing radiation in dose of 100 roentgens were used as a mutagen. We extracted salivary glands of the third instar of the fruit fly larvae. The sample was fixed with 0.75 % glutaraldehyde and stained by 12-hour incubation with 0.2 % X-Gal at 37°C. Activity of the reporter gene was determined by microscope. Results. Two of the three lines are not shown according to the activation of the reporter gene from the resulting dose of ionizing radiation. In line y [1] w [67c23]; P {w [+ mC] = lacW} mus209 [k00704] / CyO (#10361) activation of the reporter gene occurred in some nuclei salivary gland after radiation. Conclusions. The reporter gene P{lacW} may be used for the detection of small doses of mutagens. Larvae of line #10361 has reporter gene activation in response to ionizing radiation.

Keywords: mutagenic factors, Drosophila melanogaster, LacZ reporter, radiation.

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