Рекомбінаційне походження ядерних інтронів

О. В. Підпала, Л. Л. Лукаш


Aim. It has been analyzed the intron sequences homologs О6-methylguanin-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT, AGT) genes on the early stages of their formation in eukaryotic organisms. Methods. Homologous regions have been defined by the program BLASTN 2.6.1. Searching and identifying of the MGEs have been realized by using CENSOR. Results. It has been found that same homologous fragments without introns genes MGT1 S. cerevisiae and agt D. melanogaster may be take part in the formation of different structure part of the agt-1 C. elegans gene. Also it has been found the fragments of homology between various introns and exons of the agt-1 C. elegans and mgmt D. rerio genes. Conclusions. The obtained results allow suggested about recombinogenic nature of the formation of spliceosomal introns.

Keywords: О6-methylguanin-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT or AGT) gene homologs, spliceosomal introns, origin of introns, mobile genetic elements (MGEs), recombinogenesis.

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