Вивчення біологічної активності наноматеріалу в умовах культивування сперматозоїдів та ооцитів свиней in vitro

О. В. Щербак, А. Б. Зюзюн, О. С. Осипчук, С. І. Ковтун, Н. П. Галаган, П. А. Троцький


Aim. To assess the biological activity of nanomaterial UFS/BSA/NANA of culture conditions with different concentrations of spermatozoa and the oocyte-cumulus complexes of pigs in vitro. Methods. For study biological activity in experiments used ejaculate cryopreserved sperms of three boars (Bank Animal Genetic Resources Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics nd. a. M.V. Zubets of National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine) and freshly prepared oocytes pigs. Results. In study effect of different concentrations NM (UFS/BSA/NANA) on viability gametes boar. The most active sperms when we add UFS/BSA/NANA in concentration 0.001 %. Adding UFS/BSA/NANA 0.1 % concentration in the cell culture medium has provided formation mature pigs oocytes for significantly higher level, which was 20.2 % more compared to the control and 18.7 % higher, when we add UFS/BSA/NANA in concentration 0.001 %. Conclusions. It is demonstrated the positive effect on defrosted boars sperms with adding UFS/BSA/NANA in concentration 0.001 %, their biological activity increased by 13.3 % compared with control. It is demonstration that add UFS/BSA/NANA in concentration 0.1 % in cell culture medium with pig’s oocytes, level of maturation increased by 20.2 %.
Keywords: oocytes, sperms, pigs, cultivation in vitro, ultra-fine silica (UFS).

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