Дослідження ефективності препаратів на основі клітин та їх похідних для лікування важких опікових ран

Л. Л. Мацевич, О. Є. Папуга, Т. П. Рубан, Л. Л. Лукаш


Aim. The aim was to estimate the efficiency of cell-containing and non-cellular dermal coverages in animal model in vivo. Methods. We carried out the application of gel wound coverages with three different cell lines and cultural medium conditioned by these cells on the third degree burns of ICR line mice. In the control group animals were treated with fresh medium-containing gel. Photo fixation of burn wound status was carried out once a day. The results were estimated by ANOVA approach. Results. There was a statistically significant difference of burn wounds development and healing within three experimental groups treated with cell suspensions of different lines. Cell-free gels with media conditioned by these cells were shown to be effective as well. Conclusions. It has been shown the dependence of wound healing properties of coatings containing cells from the origin of these cells. The effectiveness of these coverages is supposed to be intermediated by biologically active substances secreted by the cells.
Keywords: burn wound, dermal equivalent, stem cells, skin equivalent, skin substitute, tissue engineering.

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