The influence of plant hormones on morphogenesis of Lupinus angustifolius hypocotyls explants

  • G. R. Zardinova
  • V. V. Zayakin
  • I. Ya. Nam


Aim. Lupin, like many legume crops, shows high sensitivity to conditions in vitro. Therefore, we studied the effects of different plant hormones on the shoot regeneration from tissues of lupine hypocotyls. Methods. Explants of aseptic lupine seedlings cultivated on a ½ Murashige and Skoog basal medium with different hormonal composition. Results. Direct morphogenesis was obtained in 3 out of 5 varieties of lupine explants on MS basal medium with 6-bezilaminopurine. Conclusions. Lupine hypocotyl tissue can be used for development of system for lupin regeneration.

Key words: Lupinus angustifolius, hypocotyls, callus, direct morphogenesis, rhizogenesis.