Антагоністичні та рістстимулювальні властивості актиноміцетів, виділених з ризосфери Thymus roegneri K. Koch aggr.

О. М. Громико, С. І. Тістечок, В. І. Чорнобай, В. О. Федоренко


Aim. Actinomycetes as a source of biologically active compounds have broad potential of biotechnology, particularly in creating bioproducts to protect and plant growth promotion. The aim of this work was investigation of antagonistic and plant growth promotion properties of the actinomycete strains from Thymus roegneri K. Koch. aggr. rhizosphere. Methods. Microbiological and genetic methods for investigation of the ability to synthesize antibiotic substances, plant hormones and other molecules. Results. We isolated 91 isolates and studied their antimicrobial properties against a wide range of phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi. About 70 % isolates inhibited the growth at least one of the used test-cultures. Antifungal activity was observed in 20 % isolates. In the collection was found 7 isolates with a wide range of antagonistic properties, and one strain was an antagonist to all used test-cultures. We found 45 % IAA, 23 strains of siderophore producers and 6 isolates were able to solubilize phosphates. Conclusions. Actinomycetes with a broad spectrum antimicrobial properties and growth promotion can be found in the T. roegneri K. Koch aggr. rhizosphere. The selected isolates were a source of new genes that control the biosynthesis of antibiotics, phytohormones and other bioactive molecules.

Keywords: actinomycetes, biocontrol, plant growth promoting.

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