Мінливість спектрів CDDP маркерів MYC та MYB у інтрогресивних ліній пшениці

А. Г. Наваліхіна, М. З. Антонюк, Т. К. Терновська


Aim. Genes that control the development of glume hairiness and color in wheat (Hg and Rg) were identified decades ago. However, molecular genetics of these traits development is still unknown. Conservative regulatory pathway for color and hairiness development in plants involve transcription factors that belong to MYB and MYC families. Presumably, wheat color and hairiness genes encode these transcription factors. Emergence of dark-colored hairy plants in introgressive wheat lines derived from light-colored glabrous parents may result from the rearrangements in the genes that encode MYB or MYC transcription factors. Methods. Rearrangements in MYB and MYC genes were identified by CDDP markers. Results. New components were identified mainly in MYC CDDP spectra of introgressive lines – derivatives of Aurosis and Aurotica. Only one new component was identified in MYB CDDP spectra of two Aurosis lines. However, it was noticed that none of new components are associated with nonparental phenotype. Besides, CDDP markers have low reproducibility, and so, new components may result from nonspecific amplification. Conclusion. New components in the CDDP markers spectra MYB and MYC may not be associated with rearrangements in corresponding genes due to their minority and low method reproducibility.
Keywords: glume color, glume hairiness, introgressive lines, wheat.

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