Ідентифікація ліній кукурудзи плазми ланкастер серед інших типів зародкової плазми за результатами SNP-аналізу

К. В. Деркач, В. В. Борисова, Т. М. Сатарова, Б. В. Дзюбецький, В. Ю. Черчель, М. М. Федько


Aim. Lancaster is one of the most promising breeding germplasm for cultivation in Steppe Zone of Ukraine. The comparative analysis of maize Lancaster germplasm inbreds of Ukrainian breeding program with other types of germplasm on SNP-markers was carried out. Methods. Identification of maize inbreds of Lancaster germplasm among other types of germplasm was made according to the results of SNP-analysis using BDI-III panel and STRUCTURE software. Results. The genetic diversity of 91 maize inbreds was estimated. The investigated inbreds was divided into k=2 groups. Identified allelic states of the SNP-markers of BDI-III panel appeared to be not unique in Lancaster germplasm inbreds, however, it can help to distinguish them from others ones. Conclusions. SNP-analysis revealed the presence of two groups of allelic states of SNP-markers among 91 maize inbred lines. Inbreds which according to pedigree information belong to Lancaster germplasm at 96.9 % fall into group 2. As for average coefficient (Q) of belonging to group 2 Lan-caster inbreds significantly differed from Iodent and Mix inbreds. Lancaster inbreds from Ukrainian breeding program have certain set of specific allelic variants of markers of BDI-III panel which allows distinguishing from Iodent inbreds.
Keywords: maize, SNP-markers, Lancaster germplasm, STRUCTURE software, genetic diversity.

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