Somatic embryogenesis from zygotic embryos and callus Ginkgo biloba L.

  • O. V. Bulko
  • L. G. Lioshina


Aims. Development of biotechnology Ginkgo biloba L. somatic embryos from zygotic embryos on hormone-free media and from callus culture on different modifications of media. Methods. Immature zygotic embryos and callus were cultured on different media modifications (pH, glucose content makrosalt) in the light at 24±2oC for one month to induce embryogenesis. At various stages of development the cytological analysis was carried. Results. We have shown that by choosing the media (the glucose reduction to 1% and a decrease makrosalt twice) from immature embryos of somatic embryos can be obtained without the use of exogenous phytohormones. Adding to the callus culture 1 mg/l BA +0.05 mg/l NAA and 1 mg/l kinetin+0.05 mg/l NAA, incubated in the light can stimulate the formation of somatic embryos, and 1mg/l NAA and 0,1mg/l IBA initiates rhizogenesis. Conclusions. From immature embryos of Ginkgo biloba can be obtained somatic embryos without the exogenous phytohormones using different media compounds. Formation somatic embryos in callus ginkgo is possible only on the media with hormones.

Key words: Ginkgo biloba L., somatic embryogenesis, zygotic embryos, callus.