The effect of mutations in the alleles Gli-B1b and Gli-B1l on grain quality indices of common wheat

  • N. A. Kozub
  • I. O. Sozinov
  • H. Ya. Bidnyk
  • N. O. Demianova
  • О. І. Sozinova
  • Ya. B. Blume


Aim. The aim of this study was to analyze quality indices in mutants at gliadin loci developed on the basis of the common wheat cultivar Bezostaya 1. Methods. Acid polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and SDS-electrophoresis of storage proteins were performed to check mutations. Grain quality indices (SDS sedimentation volume, grain hardness, seed plumpness, and grain protein content) were analyzed: Results. Both mutants at Gli-R1 with the intensified secalin component and with the changed mobility of the secalin component showed lower grain hardness in comparison with the respective non-mutant lines. The mutation of the allele Gli-B1b causing the absence of synthesis of the g-gliadin and the minor w-gliadin resulted in the decrease in grain hardness and in the increase in the SDS-sedimentation volume. Seeds of the Gli-B1b mutant with the absence of synthesis of the major w-gliadin were less plump and showed higher protein content than in the non-mutant line. Conclusions. The effects of mutations of the allele Gli-B1b associated with the absence of certain gliadin components and Gli-R1 mutations on grain quality indices were revealed.

Keywords: Triticum aestivum, gliadins, secalins,  SDS-sedimentation, grain hardness.


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