History of Ukrainian selection at learning in the discipline 'Biology and ecology' in the old school

  • K. I. Borodina
  • A. M. Кмets


Aim. The article deals with the use of elements of historicism in teaching the course of biology. The expediency of using the historical material in the educational process in order to increase interest in biology and promote the improvement of the quality of knowledge of students, the formation of scientific outlook, and the upbringing of students. Methods. Analysis, synthesis, modelling. Results. Tasks with historical content can be used at different stages of learning: during updating the basic knowledge of students, setting goals and objectives of the lesson, explaining new material, consolidating, repeating and verifying students’ knowledge, generalizing and systematizing historical and scientific knowledge in biology, for the organization home and independent work. Specific examples cover the forms and means of using historical material in the study of biological cycle subjects. Conclusions. The factors contributing to improving the quality of students’ knowledge in the process of using historical material in the study of biology are established. Methods of using this material during conducting studies on biology have been determined in order to promote the im-
provement of the quality of assimilation of relevant biological concepts.

Keywords: historical material, biology, means, forms, factors, methodical techniques.


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