Історія досліджень з генетики рослин у Селекційно-генетичному інституті протягом 100 років

  • A. F. Stelmakh
  • V. I. Fayt


Aims. New generation of scientists is almost not acquainted with the “lysenkoism” period in the home biological science. Here is the attempt to represent some data with the example of PBGI. Methods. Analysis of literature and personal experience. Results. 30-years period of classical genetics at PBGI was replaced for “lysenkoism” denying the chromosomal theory of heredity. Imputation of that to Lysenko personally would be not justice: the party and state machinery had to be mainly responsible. The studies during that period were directed on “heredity upbringing” by unusual environment and vegetative hybridization. Classical genetics revival started only since late 60-th. Various scientific schools were formed gradually at the institute. The main present-day studies include rate of development genetics, grain quality genetics, genetics of resistance to stresses, in vitro culture, molecular biology etc. Conclusion. At least 3 periods of genetic studies evolution are characteristic for PBGI.

Key words: Sapegin’s period, “lysenkoism”, genetics revival, modern state.