Mutation 6174delT in the BRCA2 gene in men with prostate cancer in Ukraine

  • I. V. Gorodetska
  • S. V. Serga
  • E. O. Stakhovsky
  • O. A. Kononenko
  • O. E. Stakhovsky
  • M. V. Pikul
  • S. V. Demydov
  • I. A. Kozeretska


Aim. Mutations in BRCA1/2 genes are known to increase the risk of human breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer. In Ukraine only mutations in woman BRCA1/2 were studied, thus the situation with these diseases related to disturbance of these genes in Ukrainian men remains poorly explored. 6174delT is a frameshift mutation and is results in stop of transcription and translation of the functional protein BRCA2. Methods. Genomic DNA was purified from peripheral blood.We performed PCR analysis of 116 DNA from men with prostate cancer in order to detect presence of mutation in BRCA2 gene (6174delT). To detect the mutation by mutagenically separated PCR, we used two PCR reactions. The first reaction used one general primer and one primer specific to the mutation, and the second reaction was with one general primer and one primer specific to the wild type allele. Results. Among screened samples no mutations in the BRCA2 gene were found in prostate cancer patients. Conclusions. Our results suggest that the incidence of this event is not more than 0.9% among men with prostate cancer inUkraine.

Keywords: mutation, 6174delT, BRCA2, prostate cancer, Ukraine.


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