Genetic analysis of oleic acid сontent in the oil of maize on the basis of mutation Sugary-1

  • D. S. Tymchuk
  • G. S. Potapenko
  • N. F. Tymchuk
  • V. V. Myzhylko


Aim. Genetic analysis of oleate content in the carriers of maize  mutation su1. Methods. Experiments were conducted on a series of inbreds – carriers of mutation su1, as well as hybrids derived from their diallel and top cross crossings. Results. Inbreds – carriers of mutation su1 were notable as having the increased content of oleate, which was inherited by the type of incomplete dominance with the prevailing contribution of additive effects to the variance. Conclusions. Increasing the content of the oleic acid glycerides in the carriers of mutation su1 caused by the spatial coupling of the locus su1 with the oleate – encoding locus, the effect of which can be modified by the polygenic complex.

Keywords: Zea mays L., mutation su1, oleic acid, genetic analysis.


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