Analysis of Glu-1 loci in samples of rare wheat species and their hybrides

  • S. M. Sichkar
  • L. H. Velykozhon
  • O. V. Dubrovna
  • B. V. Morgun


Aim. Determination of the allelic composition of Glu-1 loci in samples of rare wheat species and their hybrids with spring bread wheat. Methods. PCR analysis. Results. In existing collection samples of the rare wheat species the alleles of the a/c loci Glu-A1 were found, while allele b was found only in T.dicoccum, var. volgense (Emmer Kokchetavskaya). An additional amplicon with a length of 450 bp was found in the Glu-A1 locus in the sample (T. dicoccum × Dasypyrum villosum), and in (Ae. ventricosa × T. dicoccum) another one a length of 700 bp in genome B, was found require further research. Among hexaploid wheat, it was revealed genotypes differing in the presence of alleles a and d of the locus Glu-D1. The hybridity of the received forms has been confirmed, as evidenced by the identification of both parent components in the hybrids or alleles of the Glu-D1 locus of bread wheat in hybrids with emmer. Conclusions. Analysis of the allele composition of Glu1 locuses in samples of rare wheat species and their hybrids with bread wheat allowed to select genotypes and hybrid combinations that may be promising for further breeding work.

Keywords: Triticum spelta L., T. dicoccum, hybrids, PCR analysis, Glu-1 locus.


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