Inheritance of germination vigour in sugar beet sterility maintainers and their diallel hybrids

  • M. O. Kornieieva
  • P. I. Vakulenko
  • L. S. Andrieieva
  • S. M. Tymchyshyn


Aim. To determine the degree of dominance of the “seed germination” sign and combination ability of sterility maintainers using diallel analysis. Methods. Hybridization of sterility maintainers was arranged as diallel crosses. Genetic determination of the sign was determined in accordance with Heyman’s method. Results. Used in crossing sterility maintainer lines have been studied in terms of their productivity in previous variety tests. D. The dominant inheritance of “seed germination” sign in diallel hybrids was determined as following: in the structure of the sign variability 43 % of cross combinations inherited this sign as positive dominance. Genetic determination of the “synergy of germination” sign was determined by the effects of combination ability. The additive effect of the female parent was assessed at 18.4 %, in male parent at 18.1 %, while the nonadditive effect of interaction between the components was at 40.7 % The influence of cytoplasmic effects amounted to 22,7 %. Selected were the best lines in specific pairs; their genetic value was studied as the average value of heterosis in many crossings involving specific lines. Conclusions. When forming sources of improved signs it is advisable to consider the cytoplasmic gene effects, which share is estimated at 22.7 %. The best lines in terms of general combination ability for seed germination found to be sterility maintainers Ot 1 and Ot 2.

Keywords: sterility maintainers, combination ability, seed germination, additive, non-additive, and reciprocal effects.


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