Breeding and genetic patterns in trait expression and efficiency of creation of spring barley cultivars

  • M. R. Kozachenko
  • N. I. Vasko
  • O. H. Naumov
  • P. M. Solonechnyi
  • O. V. Solonechna
  • O. Ye. Vazhenina
  • K. V. Kompanets


Aim. Solutions of scientific problems of increasing the efficiency of genetic breeding methods are important objectives in the creation of valuable spring barley cultivars. Methods. Analyses of variance, variation, correlation and regression as well as genetic methods of analyzing features of genotypes in the diallel crossing and top-crossing design were used. Results. The important scientific problems with regard to increasing the efficiency of breeding for yield capacity, brewing quality and starch fraction composition were solved by establishing morphological and biological characteristics, dispersion, correlation, variability, adaptability, breeding and genetic peculiarities of inheritance, heritability, components of genetic variation, combining ability of plant traits as well as the effectiveness of hybridization and mutagenesis methods. As a result of the patterns established, the efficiency of the creation of economically valuable spring barley cultivars was increased. Conclusions. The new solutions of important scientific problems of raising the efficiency of breeding for yield capacity and grain quality were proposed and generalized. On this basis, valuable cultivars were created. As of 2017, 17 of them have been were included in the State Register of Plant Varieties suitable for dissemination inUkraine.

Keywords: breeding-genetic patterns, Hordeum vulgare L., cultivar, breeding method, yield capacity and grain quality.


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