Increase of oil content as an urgent task for hemp breeding

  • V. H. Vyrovets
  • I. M. Layko
  • H. I. Kyrychenko
  • I. V. Vereshchahin
  • S. V. Mishchenko
  • T. S. Biriukova
  • O. H. Suprun
  • V. S. Lyutenko


Aim. An unusually long stay in the shade outside the breeding was such an important economic feature as the content of oil in the hemp seed. Preliminary data attempts to start a study in this direction, under various circumstances, were postponed for some time until the healing properties of the oil were discovered, hidden in the hemp seed. Methods. The third attempt of such researches is based on new high-fibered and high-yield varieties stable on the sign of monoeciousness non-narcotic hemp, the method of research of which is based on traditional breeding developments. Also, on examples of local varieties of ranges of folk selection, samples of world selection of dioecious and monoecious hemp and breeding new varieties, it was established that this feature is subject to systematic selection against the background of improving other varietal features. Results. On the example of restoring breeding to preserve the content of oil, a new population with a high oil content was created, which became the result of changes in the genotype of the Hliana variety by selection. Glutinous oil is characterized by a good ratio of unsaturated linoleic and linolenic acids as 3:1, which opens the prospects for the creation of new medicines. Conclusions. The conducted researches give rise to the hope that, over time, hemp will be added to many traits, and the new varieties will be different by high oil content also.

Keywords: monoecious drug-free industrial hemp, breeding, oil content, fatty acid composition.


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