Гомолог генов HcrVf семьи яблони из генома груши

  • O. Yu. Urbanovich
  • P. V. Kuzmitskaya
  • Z. A. Kazlovskaya
  • B. Yu. Anoshenko


Aims. The aim of this research was isolation and structure analysis of the sequence homologous to HcrVf genes, which associated with resistant to apple scab, from pear genome resistant to scab. Methods. The method of PCR-based cloning was used for isolation of the homologue HcrVf from pear genome. Results. The sequence homologue to the sequences HcrVf genes apple was isolated from the pear genome of the variety 'Pamiat Yakovleva' resistant to pear scab. The degree of identity between the isolated sequence and the Genebank database sequence of the gene HcrVf2 associated with scab apple resistance was 93,1%. The high degree of identity between the pear sequence and homologues apple R genes was also shown. Conclusions. The cloned nucleotide sequence of pear is the homologue to the genes of R-type resistance.

Key words: pear, scab, apple, HcrVf genes, nucleotide sequence.