Biotechnological approaches to selecting of creation of alopecurus interspecific hybrids

  • V. A. Stolepchenko
  • P. P. Vasko
  • I. P. Kondratskaya
  • T. I. Fomenko


Aims. The first attempt to work out genomic technology selection Alopecurus platensis L. was made with the purposeful aim to convert genome and to expand gene pool of initial material and increase efficiency of selection. Methods. The subject of exploring were parental and hybrid forms A. platensis and A. ventricorus Pers. Results. Hybrid plants were characterized by seed and feed efficiency, by content of total protein and soluble carbohydrates. A variability polypeptide spectrum of total proteins was detected among hybrid plants confirmed by coefficient of similarity.

Key words: Alopecurus, hybrid plants, selection, protein.