Molecular genetic methods for identification of allelic variants of Wx genes in soft wheat lines by codominant molecular markers

  • O. V. Stepanenko
  • A. I. Stepanenko
  • B. V. Morgun


Aims. Starch texture is one of the important factors in the quality of wheat products. Thus, it is important to control the amylose content in starch. There are three genes controling the synthesis of amylose: Wx-A1, Wx-B1 and Wx-D1. Each gene can occur in several allelic variants: active allele (a) encoding the protein synthesis Wx, null allele (b) in which the synthesis of a functional protein is absent, and functional Wx alleles with different enzymatic activity of protein GBSSI. Methods. The most reliable way to assess the allelic state of Wx genes is molecular marking using polymerase chain reaction. Results. Among the studied wheat lines Wx-1 and Wx-6 by codominant molecular markers there were identified homozygous plants carrying null alleles of Wx-A1, Wx-D1, Wx-B1, and heterozygous plants for Wx-B1. Conclusions. Homozygous and heterozygous allelic states of the Wx wheat genes were distinguished and can be effectively involved in the breeding process.

Key words: Triticum aestivum L., PCR, DNA marker, marker-assisted selection.