Особливості молекулярної експресії гена лужної фосфатази при хронічній мієлоїдній лейкемії

Л. П. Швачко, І. В. Кравчук, Г. Д. Телегеєв


Aim. To study expression of alkaline phosphatase gene in chronic myeloid leukemia. Methods. Short-term primary cell culture, real-time PCR. Results. We have investigated the aberrant expression type ALP in CML progression. We have found that the intestinal type ALP is switched to germinal type embrional-like ALP in the patients with clinical CML progression (n=8) resulted from the sequencing analyse. Moreover, we have shown the interconnected epigenetic regulation of aberrant embrional-like type ALP and G-CSFR (granulocyte colony stimulation factor receptor) on the level of mRNA gene expression in CML patients under sodium butirate (HDACi) culture blood treatment (10 мМ). We have revealed simultaneously the epigenetic down-regulation mRNA gene expression of aberrant germinal GALP and up-regulation of G-CSFR by sodium butirate in CML progression. Conclusions. On the data obtained have been concluded that sodium butirate targeted induces the hemopoietic differentiation blood cell potential in CML pathogenesis by the G-CSF signaling pathway activation.

Keywords: CML, alkaline phosphatase, G-CSFR (granulocyte colony stimulation factor receptor), sodium butirate.

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