Phylogenetic analysis of lysine, threonine and butanol strain-producers

  • O. O. Tigunova
  • G. S. Andriiash
  • N. Ye. Beiko
  • S. M. Shulha


Aim. Identify and confirm the taxonomic position of the obtained mutant strains Brevibacterium sp. IMB B-7447, Brevibacterium flavum IMB B-7446 and Clostridium acetobutylicum IMB B-7407 (IFBG C6H). Methods. A fragment of genomic DNA from agarose gel using «Macherey-Nagel NucleoSpin Extract» was isolated according to the instructions of the producer and sequenced. Comparative analysis using the program «BLAST-online» was done. Phylogenetic dendrograms using methods Neighbour joining and Maximum likelihood were created. Results. Dendrograms of phylogenetic relationships of studied strains and related strains of databases «GenBank» were constructed. Conclusions. Found that homology of Brevibacterium sp. 90 and Brevibacterium sp. IMB B-7447 is 98 %, and stains B. flavum TH7 and B. flavum IMB B-7446 classified to species C. glutamicum. Strain C. acetobutylicum IMB B-7407 (IFBG C6H) been reclassified to C. pasteurianum IFBG C6H.

Keywords: genes 16S rRNA, dendrogram, stains-produsers.


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