Процесс доместикации и возникновение мировых центров одомашнивания животных

А. М. Хохлов, Д. И. Барановский


Aim. To study the phylogenetic regularities of has evolutional process in animal domestication has been the object of research. To cover the materials of ancient Tripilskiy Settlement (Luka-Vrublivetska, Usatovo, Prychornomorye) has been the task of our research. Methods. Archeological (skeletons of wild and domestic animals), zootechnical (measures, parameters, indices) comparative and anatomic (skull, bones, muscles, internal organs), immune and genetic (blood group, protein polymorphism) were the methods. Results. Ancestors of domestic animals habited on the large areals of Ukraine and surrounding territories (wolves, wild boars, wild bulls, wild horses, wild ancestors of sheep and goats have been the object for hunting and domestication. Tripilska culture occupied the large territory long the banks of Dniper, Dnister, South Buh, Dunai. Ukraine has become one of the world centers of animal domestication in that epoch. Conclusions.Domestication of animals – is complicated and long process with its change ability of features, selection of excessive and dominant mutations. On the base of long-team investigations of animals domestication we offer to name this new world center of dog, swine, sheep, goat, cattle, horse and bee domestication as – Tripilska.

Keywords: domestication, population, selection, gen, genome.

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