Поліморфізм за мікросателітним локусом Ame17 у бичка-кругляка Neogobius melanostomus Північно-Західного Причорномор’я

Я. М. Міщук, С. В. Серга, Д. Б. Радіонов, В. В. Заморов, В. Ю. Чуйко, С. В. Чеботар, І. А. Козерецька


Aim. To identify the Ame17 polymorphic variants for round goby Neogobius melanostomus from Northwest Black Sea region. Methods. We determined polymorphism for 102 individuals of round goby. Genotyping was performed by PCR-analysis of Ame17 as described by Brown et al., 2008. The PCR-amplified DNA products were subjected to electrophoresis in 8 % polyacrylamide gel. Results. There have been identified 23 alleles. The range of repeat sizes was from 140 to 300 bp. The average heterozygosity was 0.76. Conclusions. There have been analyzed polymorphisms of Ame17 microsatellite locus for round goby from Northwest Black Sea region. The highest genetic diversity at Ame17 locus was observed for fish from the Gulf of Odessa. In terms of heterozygosity subpopulation of round goby from Bay Dzharylgach was significantly different from other localities.

Keywords: round goby, polymorphism, microsatellite loci, Ame17.

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