Використання спеціалізованих порід для підвищення м’ясних якостей свинини

O. В. Бойко, О. В. Ващенко, М. С. Небилиця


Aim. Matching ability to study for reproductive, fattening and meat qualities of pigs and to identify the most effective combinations of genotypes national and foreign selection. Methods. Studies conducted in conditions of industrial technology of LLB "Mayak-Agro" Cherkassy region. Groups formed by from counterpart’s methods. Assessment fattening and meat quality was carried out by conventional methods (Polivoda A., 1977). The chemical composition and physical properties of meat were determined by conventional methods in condition of biotechnology laboratories Cherkassy National University. B. Khmelnitsky. Results. The highest quantity offspring obtained by crossing hybrids with boars red white girdle (RWG) and pietrain (P) (11.6–11.8 piglets), with big fetus – when two breed crossed Ukrainian large white breed (ULW) sows of landrace (L) boars and sows of crossbred boars two bread from (P) (1.8 kg, P>0.99). By weight of one head at weaning the best results are obtained by crossing two breeds ewes from boars (RWG) and (P) – 18.1–17.8 kg (P > 0.999). Maximum saving values obtained when combined hybrids (ULW x L) with boars breed Duroc Ukrainian selection “Steppes” (DUSS) – 94.8 %. Conclusions. To improve the meat quality of pork, the best option is a combination of two breeds pig breeds (ULW x L) of boars (P) and (RWG).

Keywords: hybridization, a specialized type, industrial crossing, heterosis, muscle area.

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