Совместное влияние генов ETR1 и ETR2 на ветвление корней Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh.

С. Г. Хаблак


Aim. The aim of research is the study of inheritance the root system of A. thaliana in the interaction the genes ETR1 and ETR2. Methods. Сomparative morphology – to compare the similarities and differences in the structure of the root systems plants, hybridlogical analysis crossing mutant lines and genetic analysis of inheritance of characteristics of the root system. Results. It was found that by crossing plants of the mutant lines Etr1-1 x Etr2-1 in the F2 generation occurs polymeric gene interactions ETR1 and ETR2. The splitting in this case is F2 9: 6: 1. In the first generation hybrids somatic heterosis is observed, which is manifested in a more powerful development of lateral roots compared to the initial forms. In the second generation is the process of splitting of hybrids, and their superiority over the length of lateral roots of parental forms is reduced. Conclusions. The results of the analysis carried out by a cross between plants of Arabidopsis mutant lines (Etr1-1 x Etr2-1) showed that the inheritance of characteristics of the root system in the interaction ETR1 and ETR2 genes occurs on the type of polymer gene action.

Keywords: arabidopsis, root system, gene, mutation, heterosis.

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