Ефекти взаємодій неалельних генів структури ендосперму кукурудзи за жирнокислотним складом олії

Д. С. Тимчук, В. В. Мужилко, С. М. Тимчук


Aim. Determination of effects of the non-allelic interactions between the different genes of maize endosperm structure and identification the carriers of combinations of mutant genes with the best oil fatty acid compositions. Methods. The representative complex of maize inbreds – carriers of mutant genes о2, sh1, sh2, su1, su2, ae and wx and their paired combination was used as the material for research. Oil fatty acid composition was analysed by the modified gas – chromatographic Peysker method. Statistical analysis of the results was performed by the method of variance analysis. Results. The carriers of endospermic mutation su1 were notable as having the most high content of oleate in oil and the carriers of mutation sh2 – as having the most high palmitate content. The non–allelic interactions of endosperm structure genes for the oil fatty acid composition were realized by three types. The first of them took place immediate level of components of the oil fatty acid composition between the mutants who were partners of the combination. The second type was characterized by the presence of epistatic deviation of some components of the fatty acid composition in the direction of one the monogenic partners of combination. In the third type it has been observed the synergistic increase or reduction of the components of the fatty acid composition compared with both partners of combination. Conclusions. Use of non–allelic interactions between the mutant genes of maize endosperm structure can be observed as an effective method of the extension of useful genetic diversity while improving the oil quality. The most significant beneficial effects of non – allelic interactions of the synergistic type were provided by the combinations involving the mutant genes su1 and sh2.
Keywords: maize, endospermic mutants, non-allelic interactions, oil fatty acid composition.

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