Аналіз локусів Glu1 у гібридів Triticum spelta L. × Triticum aestivum L.

С. М. Січкар, Л. Г. Великожон, О. В. Дубровна


Aim. Determination of allelic status of genes in samples of winter spelt and bread wheat varieties and their interspecific hybrids, as well as a comparative analysis of specific combinations of loci and characteristics of grain quality. Methods. We used the method of multiplexed PCR. Results. DNA analysis of allelic status of genes of loci Glu-A1 and Glu-D1 in samples of winter spelt and their interspecific hybrids with bread wheat samples allowed to isolate spelt and hybrid combinations that could be promising for further breeding. It was shown that the allele d of locus Glu-D1 improves the baking properties of hybrids. Conclusions. Genetic improvement spelt by interspecific hybridization with varieties of bread wheat that contain only d allele of locus Glu-D1 can give rise to lines with high protein and good baking qualities.
Keywords: Triticum spelta L., T. aestivum L., PCR, loci Glu-1, PCR-analysis.

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