Breeding of legume crops for effective nitrogen fixation

  • V. I. Sichkar


Aim. Grain legume are able to accumulate 80–220 kg/ha of nitrogen. To optimize this process we should select the complementary pairs “cultivar-strain”, which could realize their maximum genetic potentials. We studied indices of symbiosis for the use of the number of experimental strains of soybean, pea and chickpea in laboratory and field conditions. Methods. The plants grown in containers of a volume of 0.3 l without nitrogen in laboratory conditions. Field research conducted in rainfed conditions in the presence of spontaneous rhizobia in the soil. Results. Substantial variability was found for indices of the symbiosis of the interaction of different varieties of soybean, chickpea and pea with recommended and experimental strains of rhizobia. The best combination are recommended for use in different locations. Conclusions. The selected experimental strains of rhizobia, which are characterized by improved performance of the symbiosis of the varieties of soybean, chickpea and pea are recommended for using.

Keywords: rhizobium strains, nodulation, nitrogen fixation.