Основні фактори впливу на реалізацію генетичного потенціалу пшениці та покращення якості зерна

В. М. Починок, Т. П. Маменко, О. І. Тарасюк


The quality wheat breeding refers to complex traits that researchers are exploring many countries and Ukraine. The quality of grain is primarily determined by genotype, but its implementation depends on many factors. The protein content in wheat grain and its performance – is genetically predetermined, multifactor characteristics that sold the totality of complex physiological and biochemical processes occurring in the plant body. The purpose of our review was to focus on the key factors that should be considered and which depend on the realization of the genetic potential of wheat and its quality. In the present review summarizes current scientific methods and approaches to the problem of improving the quality of grain. Concluded that the ability to combine modern genetic research methods in the selection process and targeted use agronomic management practices processes of formation of high yields of high-quality grain depends on the whole successful grain production.

Keywords: wheat, genetic potential, grain quality, breeding.

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