Врожайність і якість коренеплодів селекційних номерів буряку цукрового залежно від строків зберігання насіння

В. В. Поліщук, А. Ф. Балабак, Т. В. Поліщук


Aim. It is well known that the sugar beet seed during the period of storage perish or are unfitted for seeding. A lot of scientists have studied the various seed storage technologies. It was found out, that seeds with a high germinating ability, under the favorable weather conditions, stay responsible for seeding for 5–7 years. Methods. Calibrated and uncalibrated components of hybrid seed of Ukrainian ChS 72 and its hybrid seed (F1) of different storable lift (2006 crop) – the starting material for the research. The method of randomized blocks was used for placing sections according to the standard practice. Results. Upon storage and sowing uncalibrated seeds the significant production loss is observed. The seeds of CMS component and O-type are the most sensitive, the seeds of polyspermic male parent and hybrid seeds are less sensitive. It was found out that, productive properties of calibrated seeds, specifically yield capacity and sugariness, vary with shelf life. A significant difference in yield indices, depending on the size of the seed is not determined. As to the sugariness of root crop, the specified modifications are observed, depending upon seed fraction and its shelf life, but substantial and regular decline of this index is not determined. Conclusions. In the course of the research, it was found out and proved, that the duration of storage of uncalibrated seeds the significant production loss of sugar beet is observed. Therefore, in seed breeding practice it is advisable to brood the seeds calibrated and plotted out on fractions.

Keywords: sugar beets, fractions, sugariness, yield, shelf life, calibrated seeds, hybrid seeds.

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