Генетичний контроль цукристості у Beta vulgaris L. та створення високоцукристих гібридів цукрових буряків на основі форм з цитоплазматичною чоловічою стерильністю

М. О. Корнєєва, М. М. Ненька, О. В. Ненька


Aim. The aim of the research was to study genetic control of sugar content feature in the system of diallel crossing and create sugar beet hybrids with high level of sugar content. Methods. Diallel crossing was used to study genetic determination of sugar content feature and top crossing hybridization was used to create experimental hybrid combinations based on the best paternal lines of pollinators and maternal components in the form of pollen sterile lines and simple sterile hybrids. Results. Genotypic structure of variability of sugar content feature in diallel crossing was defined. Components of genetic dispersion and inheritance coefficients of sugar content feature were estimated on the basis of genetic analysis by Hayman method. Studied lines were divided by relative share of dominant and recessive genes which control this feature in parental lines. Combination ability of lines was estimated and the best of them were selected. Conclusions. Lines-pollinators B31 and B32 recommended to use as components for creating MS sugar beet hybrids with high level of sugar content. Polygenetic control of sugar content was confirmed and this feature was determined by six genes.

Keywords: lines-pollinators, pollen sterile lines, simple sterile hybrids, inheritance, hybrid combinations.

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