Створення вітчизняних сортів півонії з використанням методу віддаленої гібридизації

В. Ф. Горобець


Aim. The creation of the domestic varieties of herbaceous peonies, early flowering period, with the original shape and color of the flower that are resistant to viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. Methods. To obtain hybrids were used different types of crosses: interspecific, recurrent, polyhybrid, reciprocal. Results. As a result of hybridization was obtained a series of distant hybrids with fundamentally new donor characteristics in the structure, originality and color purity of the flower, which had not met in varieties of P. lactiflora. Especially valuable is the fact that in selected hybrids of these qualities combined with very early and early flowering. Conclusions. Discovered large the forming capabilities of the distant hybridization, which are not only in the combination of useful traits of the original forms, but also the emergence of many new, not peculiar to the parent. The nature and amplitude of variability depends on the combinations of crosses. In the State register of plant varieties suitable for distribution in Ukraine included 32 varieties of peony breeding NBG, 26 of them were created using the selection method of distant hybridization.

Keywords: selection, variety, species, a gene pool, the remote hybridization.

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