Ефекти загальної та варіанси специфічної комбінаційної здатності самозапилених ліній і сортів конопель у системі топкросів

С. В. Міщенко


Aim. Determination of combining ability of monoecious hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) inbred lines and varieties by quantitative breeding signs of plants are the aims of our study. Methods. The study was conducted in 2014–2016 in the Institute of Bast Crops of NAAS. The effects of total combining ability and specific combining ability variances investigated in the full topcross systems by the method P.P. Lytun and N.V. Proskurnyn (1992). Results. Inbred lines and varieties of hemp were significantly differentiated by the total combining ability effects and specific combining ability variances. Conclusions. Line×variety crossing Central-Russian eco-geographical type and Southern eco-geographical type of hemp was recommended for productive combination breeding.

Keywords: hemp, variety, topcross, total combining ability and specific combining ability, additive gene effects and non-additive gene effects.

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