Вплив наносрібла різної концентрації на ріст, зернову продуктивність рослин вівса сорту Незламний та на вміст фотосинтетичних пігментів у листках на стадії викидання волотей

В. А. Кацан, А. І. Потопальський, Б. О. Задорожній


Aim. The aim of this study is the investigations of the influence of different concentrations of the nanosilver SS1000 (S), elaborated in Institute for Superhard materials V.M. Bakul NAS of Ukraine and kindly given to us, on the growth, the grain productivity and on the photosynthetic pigments contents in the leaves of the oat cultivar Nezlamny. Methods. The oat seeds were treated by the water solutions of S, the plants were grown in the field. The plant growth intensity was estimated by the stem length in booting. The grain productivity elements were performed after the gather in the harvest. The chlorophylls (chl) a and b, the carotenoids content and the ratios chl a/b, chlorophylls/carotenoids were estimated in the even-aged leaves in the onset of panicles formation. Results. SS1000 stimulated the oat growth in booting; same time it may influence negatively on the corn crop, owing to the reduction of the panicles length and the grains number in them and such unfavorable impact depend on its content in solutions, shown less stable, when the content decreased 10–60 times. The most stable suppression of the chlorophylls content was observed also for the maximal S concentration.

Keywords: nanosilver SS1000, oat, growth, grain productivity, chlorophylls a, b, carotenoids.

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