Реалізація потенціалу сортів зернових культур – шлях вирішення продовольчої проблеми

С. П. Васильківський, В. М. Гудзенко, В. С. Кочмарський, В. В. Кириленко


Aim. Constantly growing gaps between potential and actual yields as well as its variability stress the problem of development of systematic approach to realizing the crops performance potential. Methods. The paper summarizes the results of long run research (1997–2016) in domestic and foreign selection winter wheat and barley. The varieties were registered in the Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine in the V.M. Remeslo Myronivka Institute of Wheat and in agricultural enterprises of various ownership. The following methods were used while conducting the research: general (abstraction, generalization, modeling, etc.), field experiment (comparative testing, evaluation of the factors on crops growth and development, performance, etc.). Results. The scheme of systematic approach for the varieties growing conditions optimizing which enhances their genetic potential implementation is suggested. Conclusions. Thus, each new variety is a complex biological system that should be use under the systematic approach recommended by a variety originator.

Keywords: potential, yields, problem, winter wheat, barley.

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