Genomic biotechnology of assessment and selection of linseed breeding material

  • V. A. Lemesh
  • M. V. Bogdanova
  • E. L. Andronyk
  • I. A. Golub


Aim. The aim of this study was to develop of genomic biotechnology for the assessment and selection of the linssed breeding material by a complex of genes controlling the ratio of fatty acids in seeds oil to the creation of a new linseed variety. Methods. Breeding studies were combined with molecular-genetic studies. Results. We developed the genomic biotechnology to detect the mutant alleles of linseed fad3A and fad3B genes responsible for reduced α-linolenic acid levels in linseed oil. Using this biotechnology, it was possible to classify plants as homozygous mutant, homozygous wild type, or heterozygous at fad3A and fad3B loci, that can be used to breed new linseed varieties of food or industrial quality. Conclusions. By results of 3-year molecular-genetic and breeding studies the variety "Dar" was created with using the developed genomic biotechnology of an assessment and selection of linseed breeding material by a complex of the genes controlling the ratio of fatty acids in seeds oil.
Keywords: linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.), α-linolenic acid, fatty acid desaturase, fad3 genes.


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