Heterologous expression of Δ9-acyl-lipid desaturase of cyanobacteria in orchid Dendrobium linguella Rchb. F.

  • T. N. Kyrpa
  • V. A. Rudas
  • O. A. Ovcharenko
  • A. A. Klebanovich
  • I. M. Gerasymenko
  • R. V. Ivannikov
  • A. N. Ostapchuk
  • I. V. Goldenkova-Pavlova
  • Y. V. Sheludko


Aims. Heterologous expression of desaturases in plants may cause change in fatty acid spectrum and improve their cold resistance. Methods. Transgenic plants were selected and analyzed after Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation. Results. Protocols of D. linguella in vitro cultivation, genetic transformation and plant regeneration were developed. Transgenic plants of D. linguella carrying desС::licBM3 hybrid gene were selected and analyzed. Conclusions. D. linguella plants with high level of transgene expression showed change in fatty acid spectrum toward linolenic acid accumulation.

Key words: desaturase, transgenic plants, Dendrobium linguella.