Вавилов М.І.: життя і наукова спадщина (до 130-річчя від дня народження)

І. Б. Чень, Г. Б. Гуменюк, М. З. Мосула, Н. М. Дробик


Nikolai Vavilov – Russian and Soviet geneticist, botanist, selectionist, geographer, academician of the USSR, USSR Academy of Sciences and Agricultural Sciences. Organizer and participant of botanical and agronomic expeditions, covering almost all continents (except Australia and Antarctica), in which the ancient cells of forming crops were discovered. He created the doctrine of the world centers of cultivated plants origin. Substantiated the theory of plant immunity, discovered the law of homologous series in hereditary variation of organisms. Under his leadership the world's largest collection of seeds of crops was created. Nikolai laid the foundations of state system testing varieties of field crops. Formulated principles of the main scientific Agricultural center of the country, created a network of research institutions in this field. In addition, he was the first to put into practice a completely new, global approach to the study the kingdom plantae as a whole throughout the world. The way he paved has become the basis on which modern biological science is developed. Key words: N.I. Vavilov, plant immunity, genetics, breeding.

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