Комплексне застосування інноваційних педагогічних технологій у формуванні еволюційних понять на уроках біології

К. І. Бородіна, А. М. Кмець


Aim. To work out and approve methodology of forming of evolutional concepts and students of a 11 class on the lessons of biology on the basis of application of complex of innovative technologies. Methods. With the aim of study problems were visited and the analysed lessons of biology in five 11 of classes schools Hlukhiv of Sumy region and 96
students of these classes are overcame by a questionnaire. In an order to define the levels of formed of evolutional concepts a conditional scale that allows to estimate the measure of display of sign through answers for a question is worked out. Results. The brought methodical system over, to our opinion, gives an opportunity to the teacher: to activate thinking of students; to explain and stimulate their activity; to bring over all students to creative, productive, educational activity; to activate a cognitive process; to develop ability reasonably teaching material; to develop skills, collective commonunication, sense of mutual. Conclusions. Thus, bringing in of the newest pedagogical technologies in the process of biological education at senior school, them complex application will assist the effective forming of evolutional and other biological in general lines concepts, development of informative, social and self competence of and self-education of students, will prepare them to the studies in hight educational establishments.

Keywords: evolutional concepts, newest pedagogical technologies, technology of developing studies, methodical complex.

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