Клітинна селекція тритикале озимого на стійкість до сольового стресу

С. В. Пикало, О. В. Дубровна, О. А. Демидов


Aim. To obtain of cell lines and plant-regenerants of winter triticale resistant for salt stress the in vitro selection was carried out. Methods. In order to select resistant to salt stress forms of triticale the efficiency of using direct and step-type in vitro selection with application of selective system based on sodium chloride has been investigated. Results. The direct and step-type in vitro selection was conducted and the selection of callus lines of triticale being resistant to simu-lated salinity was carried out. As a result, from line 38/1296 and variety Obriy respectively, 5 and 4 resistant callus lines were identified that had a high survival rate on the selective medium with 1.2 % NaCl and maintained morphogenetic potential. From the resistant lines plant regenerants were induced and their rearing, rooting and transfer to in vivo condi-tions were optimized. Conclusions. A step-type in vitro selection was more effective, because resulted from the selec-tion more resistant callus forms were identified. First cell lines of winter triticale with resistance to salt stress were de-rived.
Keywords: Triticale, in vitro selection, callus, salt stress, resistance.

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