Рівень вільного проліну в Т3 трансгенних рослинах соняшника (Helianthus annuus L.) з дволанцюговим РНК супресором гена проліндегідрогенази

  • А. Г. Комісаренко
  • С. І. Михальська


Aim. The investigation of the T3 transgenic sunflower plants osmotic tolerance there were developed. The levels of free proline in plant shoots and roots were estimated. Methods. Mature sunflower plants (T3 and wild type) were cultured in standard pots. Those genotypes were tested during 12-day artificial drying. The levels of free proline in plant shoots and roots were measured. Results. The proline contents in transgenic plants preferred those parameters of control plants both under normal and stress conditions. The proline levels in shoots and roots increased in all genotypes cultivated under stress conditions. The shoot/root proline ratio of control plants was constant during whole experiment, while in T3 plants this parameter changed due to high elevation in roots. Conclusions. The changes of shoot/root proline ratio of T3 plants were the result of free proline transfer among plant organs.

Keywords: Helianthus annuus L., transgenic plants, L-proline, shoot/root proline ratio.