Effect of low molecular weigt osmogenic substanses on the induction of embryogenesis in spring barley anther culture in vitro

  • O. V. Bilynska Plant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuriev National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine, 61060, Kharkiv, Moskovsky av., 142


Aim. Osmotic pressure of nutrient medium is known to be an important factor for morphogenesis in plant cell, tissue and organ culture in vitro. The investigations was aimed to elucidate the effect of maltose concentration and to evaluate the impact of mannitol add on callus, embryoid formation and plant regeneration in spring barley anther culture in vitro. Methods. Anthers of DH-line with a high androgenetic capacity were inoculated on inductive media contained N6 macro-, MS micronutrients, organic supplements, maltose (0−9.0 %) and 0.1 M mannitol. Results. A decrease in maltose concentration from 9 to 6 % had a strong negative effect on these processes. At the same time, addition of 0.1 M mannitol to medium containing 6 % maltose promoted sufficiently increase the efficiency of embryoid formation and plant regeneration. Conclusions. Medium osmotic pressure mainly determined by a high maltose concentration played an important role in spring barley haploid production. Decrease in maltose content could be compensated by addition of mannitol, which is osmotic substance with low metabolic activity.

Keywords: Hordeum vulgare L., anther culture in vitro, mannitol, embryo formation, plant regeneration.


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