Еволюційні аспекти змін рослинного покриву лісової екосистеми

  • Н. В. Мірошник
  • О. В. Тертична


Aim. Investigation aspects of evolutionary changes in vegetation forest ecosystem Cherkasy Bor (succession). Methods. Theoretical methods of system-structural, retrospective and comparative analysis were combined with special methods of forestry, synecology. Results and conclusions. In the forest ecosystem of Cherkasy Bor carried out a comprehensive human impact for 2 centuries – aerotechnogenic pollution, recreation and forestry. Described vegetation succession Cherkasy Bor of passage and transformation in space and time. Generally considered areas of succession changes now taking place in various parts of the Bor, depending on the spatial distribution of relief in respect of Cherkasy (sources of influence recreation, pollution) and the floodplain river Tyasmyn and Kremenchug reservoir. Excessive growth of human influence could accelerate the economic-technological-recreational succession towards the degradation of the structure plant associations.

Keywords: forest ecosystem, structural and functional components, succession.