Оцінка зразків Aegilops biuncialis Vis. за часом цвітіння

  • Н. О. Козуб
  • І. О. Созінов
  • О. І. Созінова
  • А. В. Карелов
  • Я. Б. Блюм


Aim. The aim of the study was to assess diversity in flowering time in Aegilops biuncialis Vis. accessions from different localities of the Crimea. Methods. Ae. biuncialis accessions were grown on the experimental plot (Kyiv region). The state of heading and flowering was recorded during 5 years. The accessions were assigned to three groups: early-flowering, late-flowering and intermediate. A total of 127 accessions were assessed. Results. The early-flowering group included mainly Ae. biuncialis accessions from the eastern part of the area of the species. The majority of accessions from the southern and western-southern regions were assigned both to late-flowering and intermediate groups with a slight predominance of late-flowering. Conclusions. Differences in flowering time were revealed among Ae. biuncialis accessions from different localities of the Crimea. Samples from Kara-Dag are the most early-flowering, which is possibly due to adaptation to very droughty hot conditions. The diversity of the genetic collection of Ae. biuncialis was characterized with respect to flowering time.

Keywords: Aegilops biuncialis Vis., accessions, flowering time, diversity.