The features androgenesis in vitro of intervarieties hybrids of Oryza sativa L. from ukrainian selection

  • I. S. Zambriborshch
  • O. L. Shestopal
  • H. O. Dobrova
  • D. V. Shpak


Aims. Testing morphogenetic potential of microspores in anther culture of F2 hybrids by cultivation in South of Ukraine. Methods. Obtaining of rice double haploid lines by anther culture in vitro. The statistical methods. Results. In anther culture of rice the sterilization conditions of explants, the optimal time were tailored. The culture media for callus induction and for subsequent regeneration was tested. The 779 green plants-regenerants were received. Conclusions. To increase the formation of embryo like structures in anther culture of rice panicles should be incubated for the pretreatment in water at 8-10°C during 6-7 days. The simultaneous use of two culture media МС: 1) with the addition of 1 mg / l BAP and 0.5 mg / L NOC, 2) with the addition of 2 mg / l kinetin and 0.5 mg / L NAA promotes by formation of maximum number of green plants-regenerants.

Key words: rice hybrids, anther culture in vitro, double haploid.