Оцінка здатності до накопичення фосфору та нітрогену рослинами Gentiana lutea L. залежно від хімічного складу ґрунтів високогір’я Українських Карпат

Л. Р. Грицак, В. Ю. Грицак, М. М. Крук, Н. М. Дробик


Aim. The aim of the paper is to investigate Gentiana lutea L’s ability to accumulate phosphorus and nitrogen depending on soil chemical composition of highland of Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. Methods. The research conducted in 2013-2016 studied selected samples of soil and plants (leaves and roots of G. lutea) from different parts of Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. The soil was examined to distinguish the contents of organic substance, water рН, nitric and ammonium compounds of nitrogen, as well as available phosphorus compounds. A portion of general nitrogen and phosphorus in leaves and roots was defined. Conclusion. The soil from locations has proved to belong to the group with low and medium phosphorus and nitrogen content. The amount of ammonium compounds of nitrogen in examined soil samples exceeds the number of nitric forms in 8-10 times. In the soil of G. lutea’s population that is used for intensive cattle pasture the amount of humus and mineral forms of nitrogen and available phosphorus forms is lower than in the soil with this species located in reserved areas. G. lutea turned out to accumulate more phosphorus than the species which grow on a plain. On the contrary to nitrogen accumulation, phosphorus is accumulated more in roots than in leaves of G. lutea. Ability of G. lutea to accumulate nitrogen and phosphorus is determined by species peculiarities rather than the amount of these compounds in the soil.

Keywords: Gentiana lutea L., soil, nitrogen, phosphorus

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