Аналіз та оцінка генетичних ресурсів рослин Інституту зрошуваного землеробства НААН

Р. А. Вожегова, В. О. Боровик, О. Д. Тищенко, Г. Г. Базалій, Н. О. Кобиліна, Т. Ю. Марченко, В. І, Кузьмич, В. В. Клубук, Л. О. Усик, Г. М. Куц, Д. К. Рубцов


Aim. The selection of donors and genetic sources of economic and breeding soybean, perennial legume and grasse, cotton, wheat, corn characteristics for use in the selection process, the formation on the basis of basic, special characteristic, educational, genetic and working collections in order to introduce them to theoretical and applied research, educational programs, schools, institutions of expertise. Methods. The laboratory, field, statistical. Results. Analysis of the genepool of the soybean plants, perennial legumes and grasses, wheat, cornand cotton. Dedicated source of valuable features, formed and registered signs, and educational collections. This view international cooperation Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of Natl. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine to genetic banks, plant breeding and research institutions in the world and use the best collection examples. Conclusions. Approach principles to the genetic diversity of plant suggest that the chosen research area is of great practical and theoretical value to more efficient operation of breeders.
Keywords: collection, growing season, earliness, sources of evidence, the genepool.

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